Ydi Coetsee Carstens

fine artist

Ydi was born in 1990, one of three children to a reformed minister couple, serving the Uniting Reformed Church in its political transition between 1982 – 2017.

Ydi showed an interest in the arts from a young age. She matriculated from Stellenbosch High School and studied Fine arts at Stellenbosch University, completing a Masters degree in painting.

After a period of mistrust in the faith of her youth and a visit to L’Abri in England, she has returned to Christianity, and now enjoys making art that addresses Christian issues, themes and narratives.

Visit www.ydicoetsee.com for more information.


The interiors depicted in Ydi’s Bly/Stay series are inspired by the church centre in Cloetesville, Stellenbosch, where her parents worked in ministry since the 1980’s. They retired in 2017.

“As I reflect on these vivid spaces from my childhood, the act of painting becomes an intensified expression of the physical world. The lines between the spiritual and physical, between the present and the past, start to unravel. Interiors have the potential of being both still lives and portraits, relying on objects (or on the distance between objects) to accentuate a person, an encounter or a narrative moment. Rooms, passages, halls and the objects inside of them (like chairs and tables), speak to the viewer because of their ordinariness and recognizability. Yet these familiar interior objects also have the ability to alienate the viewer, underlining their otherness in discomforting ways.

The tension in these images – between hospitality and hostility – reflects the viewer’s own memories, fears or experiences, acting as catharsis and compelling us towards self-reflection.”

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