A Community of Christian Formation



Our mission is best described as theological discipleship—a form of discipleship that seeks to bring both thought and behaviour under the lordship of Christ.  Primarily this means gaining a deep understanding of God’s great act toward us in Christ, and therefore, the consequences of the Gospel for all of human endeavour.

We believe this can only truly be done in community through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, and is expressed by means of study, mentorship, practicing hospitality, and engaging with the Arts.

“Christ did not come to make us christian, but to make us human.”

Hans Rookmaaker

What We Do

Theological Discipleship

Theological discipleship pursues a head and heart knowledge of our faith, a living theology, forged in the fire of community.

This is the vital foundation of KRUX.


Mentorship is intrinsic to the theological and relational core of KRUX, whether by means of personal conversation, counselling, small group seminar, or sharing a meal.

Culture & the Arts

KRUX offers various seminars and opportunities for reflecting on the intersection of faith and culture, and facilitates an annual Artists Gathering, which connects artists from across Southern Africa and has brought several international speakers to our shores.


Weekly fellowship meals followed by a short discussion, presentation, or film/music clip, and lively conversation is the embodiment of engaged faith-in-community at KRUX.

KRUX arts

Gathering faith-based artists into a community for discourse, dialogue and practice in the arts is a liberating and life-giving venture. Explore some of the exciting initiatives we’ve been involved with the past few years:


The Artists' Gathering

Watch recordings online

The Doctrine of Creation

KLICE seminar

Art Walkabout

Contemporary Christian artists talk about their work

Get Involved

KRUX offers an exciting range of events, ranging from informal conversations around faith and art, to formal theological discussions, as well as gallery visits and of course, our annual artists’ gathering.