Duncan McDougall


Duncan McDougal is one of our guest contributors, an aspiring writer but an engineer by day. He is currently pursuing postgraduate studies in the UK. The artwork used is by Elbie Visser.

An Allegory of Grief

I have a friend who become the victim of sudden loss. One day she was walking along quite happily, when out of the blue a spear of grief was hurled.

It flew through straight at her and hit her squarely in the chest. The force knocked her to the ground. She lay there paralysed and unmoving. The spear in her heart. Slowly the paralysis lessened and feeling returned. The agony of impalement shook her. Her breaths came as shuddering gasps. Her tears flowing like blood from the wound. She wept and wept. But her tears ended without mercy and her broken heart kept beating. Why could she not have died in as the first blow fell?

She could not lie there forever and life was unrelenting. She staggered to her feet feeling the new weight of the spear in her chest. She stumbled indoors to find some something to drink. But the spear bumped against the cupboard as she remembered her friend. That shaft was struck with the force of memory plunging the spear deeper into her flesh. A fresh flow of water was forced from her eyes.

How can I help this friend of mine? It is foolish to ignore the spear impaling her as I will then bump into it and cause greater harm. I cannot remove that spear because I cannot undo that loss. I could try and distract her, but it is hard to forget a spear in your chest. Especially when it bumps into the memories of a lost friend. The best I can do is staunch her wound with my love and mix our tears as a balm. 

But there is another. Who’s tears flow more deeply than mine; Who bears her same wounds. Another who is powerful in healing; who will undo all loss.

Perhaps he can help? Perhaps my friend can find comfort in Him?