Servaas Hofmeyr
Servaas is fascinated by human existence experienced as ‘souls in exile’, our consequent desire for home and meaning, and the role of storytelling and imagination in our search for identity. He is committed to interpret and better understand cultural narratives by which individuals, communities and societies make sense of reality and their own humanity, and from which they aspire to live free and meaningful lives. After completing his undergraduate studies in the spectacular town of Stellenbosch, in the heart of the Cape Winelands, he worked in finance in the wine industry. With the call to engage more seriously with the questions of existence and ethics came the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies in Theology (SATS) and Philosophy (Buckingham). While reading for his philosophy degree, he served as a non-residential member in the Community of St Anselm. An appreciation for the role of formational practices, habits and disciplines as a necessary part of becoming human was awakened during this time. He is currently employed as a marketing analyst at a tech company while continuing to pursue his existential questions in community as an organiser, facilitator and conversation partner in various discussion groups. Servaas is married to Abigail, who directs the residency programme at East Mountain with her specific focus on spiritual formation. Servaas' thoughts are further displayed on his personal blog, wayward, and often inspired by Søren Kierkegaard, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Paul Ricoeur, Marilynne Robinson, Roger Scruton, Tom Wright, Sarah Coakley, Malcolm Guite, John Dickson, Mark Sayers... to name a few.

Are we all bunkering billionaires?

Douglas Rushkoff’s TED Talk, How to be “Team Human” recounts how he was probed by tech billionaires who wondered whether New Zealand was the right location to build their doomsday bunkers. What bothered Rushkoff about what these tech billionaires were planning?