KRUX is a non-profit organisation which was established with the objective of to be a community of Christ-followers dedicated to thoughtful engagement with Scripture, Culture and the Arts. In the performance of its duties KRUX may collect, hold, process, collate, record, store, organise, use and disclose your personal information mainly to provide the services and products that you have requested as well as improving its database which will be of benefit to its current members and future. KRUX is committed to protecting your personal information and will only process your information for a purpose you would reasonably expect, including but not limited to:

  1. Considering your application for election to membership of the community;
  2. Decision making of the application referred to in point 1;
  3. To organise, verify and update your details;
  4. To process payment of invoices as received;
  5. To submit invoices for payment; and
  6. To comply with any legal and regulatory requirements.

Some of your information that we hold may include but is not limited to, your first and last name, email address, a home, postal or other physical address and other contact information including but not limited to, your title, birth date, gender.

KRUX does not foresee the need to process any special personal information, however, should the need arise, we shall obtain prior consent from you.

KRUX may need to share your information in some instances, KRUX will ensure that if and when it does share your information with third parties, it is obliged to take precautions to ensure that the confidentiality of the personal information is maintained which it will do.

You are within your right as a Data Subject to request access to the information we hold about you at any time and if you think that we have outdated information, please request us to update or correct it, we will do so gladly.

The default option for existing members is to opt in to the Society processing your personal data as indicated above. Should you wish to opt out, please contact our Information Officer:

Email Address: