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JB Krohn

Theology, teaching, visual faith

Corli Krohn

Hospitality, music, family, story

Lieschen Venter

Culture, technology, trends, animals

Servaas Hofmeyr

Philosophy, culture, identity, technology

Heidi Salzwedel

Education, conceptual art, faith & art 

Adrian Coates

Theology, culture, faith-life integration

Elbie Visser

Art, hospitality, design, business

Ydi Coetsee

Painting, art history, theology, Africa

Otto Bam

Music, literature, theology

Latest Posts

A call for an Apologetic of Beauty

At the height of the scientific apologetic debates of the 2000s it felt like both sides were driving in opposite directions in identical cars, each convinced they were driving towards the truth. Perhaps they were, but they were also driving away from something. And I think what they were driving away from, was beauty.

Book review – God in the Gallery

Siedell believes that “art works are not merely objects but products of institutional intention and belief, made under certain conditions and intended to be viewed in specific contexts.” If we as artists are to imagine a better synergy artistic practice and religious practice, we need to do the hard work of understanding these beliefs and intentions.

Art, Faith and Money – conversations between makers and the market

Since the 1980s when The Gift (Lewis Hyde) was first published, more and more alternatives to the traditional market-system have presented themselves – patronage, crowd-funding and community-funded work in non-profit organisations. Or perhaps these subtle gift exchanges have always been part of certain aspects of our lives. Most of the important things in our lives (like parents, mentors, friendship, insight), cannot be monetised (‘I am x amount of Rands worth per hour’). Nonetheless, the bottom-line question for many of the artists in our community remains the same – how do I pay the bills.